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MICR Dell M5200/W5300N Toner Cartridge (21000 Page Yield) (310-4133)


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Check Printing MICR Ink - Works In Dell 5200N / M5200N / 5300 / 5300N / M5300 / M5300N / W5300 / W5300N Series and Other Laser Printers
COMPATIBLE OR EQUIVALENT TO THESE OEM PART NUMBERS: Dell 310-4133-MICR (DLL310-4133-MICR) ; Dell 310-4131-MICR (DLL310-4131-MICR) ; Dell 310-4132-MICR (DLL310-4132-MICR) ; Dell 310-4134-MICR (DLL310-4134-MICR) ; Dell D1853-MICR (DLLD1853-MICR) ; Dell D1851-MICR (DLLD1851-MICR) ; Dell 310-4585-MICR (DLL310-4585-MICR) ; Dell 310-4549-MICR (DLL310-4549-MICR) ; Dell 310-4572-MICR (DLL310-4572-MICR) ; Dell 310-4587-MICR (DLL310-4587-MICR) ; Dell C3044-MICR (DLLC3044-MICR) ; Dell X2046-MICR (DLLX2046-MICR) ; Dell W2989-MICR (DLLW2989-MICR) ; Dell Y2044-MICR (DLLY2044-MICR) ; Dell K2885-MICR (DLLK2885-MICR) ; Dell R0136-MICR (DLLR0136-MICR) ; Dell M2925-MICR (DLLM2925-MICR) ; Dell D1852-MICR (DLLD1852-MICR) ; Dell D1854-MICR (DLLD1854-MICR) ; Dell J2925-MICR (DLLJ2925-MICR) ; Dell N2157-MICR (DLLN2157-MICR) ; Dell R0137-MICR (DLLR0137-MICR) ; Dell W0989-MICR (DLLW0989-MICR) ; Dell N0888-MICR (DLLN0888-MICR) ; Dell 595-10002-MICR (DLL595-10002-MICR) ; Dell 595-10005-MICR (DLL595-10005-MICR) ; Clover Technologies Group CTGD2046M (CTGD2046M)
Manufacturer:MICR - Check Printing
Page Yield:21000
Cost Per Page:$ 0.0062
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters. When a document that contains this ink needs to be read it passes through a machine which magnetizes the ink and then translates the magnetic information into characters. MICR technology is used by banks. Numbers and characters found on the bottom of checks (usually containing the check number sort number and account number) are printed using Magnetic Ink. To print Magnetic Ink need you need a machine that accepts MICR toner. MICR provides a secure high-speed method of scanning and processing information. All MICR brand products are backed by a FULL 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

MICR Brand Toner Cartridge (21000 Page Yield) for Dell 5200N / Dell M5200N / Dell 5300 / Dell 5300N / Dell M5300 / Dell M5300N / Dell W5300 / Dell W5300N
Page Yield21000
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MICR Dell M5200/W5300N Toner Cartridge (21000 Page Yield) (310-4133)

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