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Compatible Acer Replacement Laptop Battery (DR201)

Compatible Acer Replacement Laptop Battery (DR201)..

Manufacturer Part #: DR201-C
Manufacturer: Compatible - Best Price
Condition: Generic
Retail Price: $212.99
You Save: 57 %

Product Description

LI ION Batt for Various Texas Instruments Acer Extensa 600 ser and other. 10.8V Capacity: 4.5AH CL201B-763Fits: AcerNote 350 AcerNote 350C AcerNote 350P AcerNote 350PX AcerNote 352 Series AcerNote 355 Series AcerNote 356 Series AcerNote 361 Series AcerNote

Save up to 50% over MSRP Meet or exceed 100% specifications All O.E.M. compatible brand products are backed by a FULL 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! . All of our replacement electronic products are branded under the name Premium Power Products and are built using the highest quality components which meet and often exceed the OEMs specifications. Our compatible electronic products are a cost effective solution to your clients replacement electronic needs. Why pay more for a brand name?

Compatible Brand Laptop Battery for Acer Acernote 350/ Acer Acernote 350C/ Acer Acernote 350P/ Acer Acernote 350PX/ Acer Acernote 352 Series/ Acer Acernote 355 Series/ Acer Acernote 356 Series/ Acer Acernote 361 Series/ Acer Acernote LifeNote 373/ Acer Acernote Light 350P/ Acer Acernote Light 350PC/ Acer Acernote Light 356/ Acer Acernote Light 372/ Acer Acernote Light 373/ Texas Instruments Extensa 450/ Texas Instruments Extensa 450T/ Texas Instruments Extensa 455/ Texas Instruments Extensa 455T/ Texas Instruments Extensa 510/ Texas Instruments Extensa 515/ Texas Instruments Extensa 605/ Texas Instruments Extensa 605C D/ Texas Instruments Extensa 605C DT/ Texas Instruments Extensa 650/ Texas Instruments Extensa 650C D/ Texas Instruments Extensa 650C DT/ Texas Instruments Extensa 655/ Texas Instruments Extensa 655C D/ Texas Instruments Extensa 655C DT/ Texas Instruments Extensa 670 Series/ Texas Instruments 450 Series/ Texas Instruments 450T Series/ Texas Instruments 455 Series/ Texas Instruments 460 Series/ Texas Instruments 470 Series/ Texas Instruments 500 Series/ Texas Instruments 510 Series/ Texas Instruments 515 Series/ Texas Instruments 600 Series/ Texas Instruments 605 Series/ Texas Instruments 650 Series/ Texas Instruments 655 Series.
Our generic batteries and adapters offer the same performance as OEM at a fraction of the cost!!!

We specialize in selling generic batteries, adapters. We alsso sell a wide variety of other accessories for laptop notebook computers, camcorders, digital cameras , PDAs, iPod , RPTV Projector Lamps and other electronics.

All our products are brand new and not refurbished as a lot of other websites sell for lower prices.

Each product has been specifically manufactured for use in the corresponding machines as described by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Our generic products are warranted to be free of defects in both materials and workmanship. Our products are manufactured to the most stringent quality control standards possible, in most cases in ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 19798 certified factories guaranteeing performance that meets or exceeds that of the OEM. Our components are carefully selected, matched and verified for optimal system performance before a product is released to distribution. Every aspect of our products from quality and reliability to aesthetics and environmental impact is thorughly analyzed on an ongoing basis. We look for areas of continuous improvement and create ground breaking patented technologies to keep pace with OEM design. The result is a better built, higher quality more consistent product. Our prices are guaranteed to be very competitive within the industry.

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